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Sierra Wireless AirLink oMG2000

Download the Sierra Wireless AIrlink oMG2000 Spec Sheet





• Reduces operating and capital costs for infrastructure
• Reduces communications costs by consolidating traffic over single/preferred network connections

• Connects all wired and wireless devices in and around the vehicle
• Enables quick and easy deployment of new applications

• Supports current and future wireless wide area networks, including Verizon XLTE and Public Safety 700 MHz Band 14

LTE (FirstNet)
• Modular radio design allows users to upgrade, add or switch to their choice of supported WAN and service provider

• Supports multiple simultaneous WAN links, either load balanced or switched for persistent connectivity and lowest operational cost

• LAN-to-LAN VPN client to provide secure communications for all connected devices and applications through oCM
• Eliminates the need for VPN software clients for individual devices and applications

• Remote mass configuration & troubleshooting
• Over-the-air updates
• Log data stored locally and transmitted to the oMM

Rugged Multi-Network Mobile Gateway

Secure, Rugged Wireless WAN for Vehicles

Consolidate Connections

Secure Switching Between Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks

Manage, Monitor & Administer Fleet Remotely


The rugged, multi-network oMG2000 Mobile Gateway (oMG) is specifically designed to deliver secure, persistent, wireless wide area networking for vehicles. The oMG can be configured with multiple embedded WAN access technologies to provide uninterrupted data connectivity with unsurpassed throughput.

The oMG includes a built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi access point that creates a mobile hotspot in and around the vehicle allowing multiple devices to connect to wide area networks via Ethernet, Serial, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The oMG can be configured with multiple wireless modems that provide access to a combination of cellular data, 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Commercial 4G LTE, Public Safety 4G LTE (FirstNet) and other broadband network services. Multiple radio form factors are supported including USB, PCI Express Mini (PEM) and MiniPCI for maximum radio fl exibility.

The oMG includes a built-in GPS receiver and microcomputer, enabling value-added applications such as vehicle tracking, RFID asset tracking, vehicle telemetry, and remote device access.



• RUGGED: Military spec (MIL-STD-810) design - built  for harsh vehicle environment
• Creates mobile hotspot in an around vehicle
• Connects devices using Ethernet, Serial, USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• Automatically senses and selects best network and switches based on user-defined policies
• Supports multiple wireless broadband networks including 4G
Cellular LTE, Public Safety Band 14 (FirstNet), and Wi-Fi
• Optimized remote monitoring, management and confi guration
• Integrated security for all connections and devices
• Advanced integrated GPS with multi-cast and WAAS
• Module radio configuration