rugged handhelds
Rugged Computers for Tough Workers
 rugged tablets


TransCOR works with customers to ensure success and satisfaction throughout the entire installation project.

Panasonic Toughbook rugged computers
 wireless rugged computer

Rugged Features

  • Rugged Durability*
  • MIL-STD-810G certified (4' drop - 5' tablet only, shock, vibration, rain, dust, sand, altitude, freeze/thaw, high/low temperature, temperature shock, solar radiation, salt fog, humidity, explosive atmosphere)
  • MIL-STD-461F certified
  • IP65 certified sealed all-weather design
  • Optional hazardous location class I division 2, groups ABCD certified model
  • Magnesium alloy chassis encased with ABS and elastomer edges Built-in dual purpose handle & kickstand
  • Solid state drive heater
  • Removable battery
  • Optional rotating hand strap
  • Reinforced locking port covers
  • Raised bezel for LCD impact protectionP
  • reinstalled replaceable screen film for LCD protection
 rugged handhelds  rugged tablets  wireless rugged computer

Technical Specifications

TransCOR works with customers to ensure success and satisfaction throughout the entire installation project.

  • Mounting gear is designed, reviewed, approved and signed-off by customers.
  • The first several vehicles installed constitute our "Golden Samples" where final placement of mounts, vehicle docking units, modems, antennas and printers are fine-tuned.
  • All equipment is thoroughly tested in the vehicle, e.g., signal strength tests of radio modems are tracked during the system test function.
  • If desired, training is provided to IS department and vehicle fleet personnel for ongoing support and management of the mobile system.
  • Installation is most often scheduled during non-peak business hours, e.g., nights and weekends to best support our customers and minimize customer downtime.
  • Mounts and other materials are pre-assembled at our Massachusetts facility to increase installation efficiencies.
  • The highest quality parts are used throughout the installation process, e.g., hardened, aerospace quality Grade 8, 1/2" bolts and nuts with backing plates are used to secure pedestal mounts to vehicles via high torque air-impact wrenches.
  • Wires and wiring harnesses are covered with split loom to protect against snags and damage.
  • Ongoing tracking and reporting of progress on the installation ensures that project deliverables are completed on schedule.
  • Asset tracking of serial numbers of computer, printer and radio modems installed in each vehicle are provided to each customer.
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