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Personal Safety Solutions

Help Your Customers Stay Safe

Whether your customers protect the peace, save lives, put out fires, turn the electricity back on or are involved in any profession that might put them in harms way you can
help to protect them with the TransCOR Man Down system.

By combining wireless technologies, hardware and software into one package you can offer your customers potentially life saving solutions.

TransCOR partners with Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, Grace Industries and Track Star for a complete solution to inform back office personnel if there is a problem
with one of their field workers and no motion is detected.

At the heart (or body) of the system is the Grace
Industries SC500. The SC500 is a two-way signaling
device that has the ability to monitor other Grace Industries devices, specifically the SuperCell and TPASS product lines in addition to having its own motion sensing
alarm providing its own man down alarm capability.

This enables the user to be hands free and mobile while monitoring other safety professionals.


The SC500 has text messaging capability and
can be pre-programmed with up to 50 messages.
The SC500 transmits the data after a predetermined
time limit set by the agency to the MX900 Micro Receiver. The MX900 is designed to receive and
output signals. In addition, this product offers two-way signaling that sends, receives and outputs signals to and from GI telemetry devices. Also powered by a +12 Volt DC power source and is perfect for inside vehicles or othemobile equipment.


In the TransCOR solution the MX900 is then connected
to a Sierra Wireless GX400 (3G) or GX440
(4G) modem for GPS location and transmittal of
data via Verizon Wireless networks to the Track Star
mapping solution.


The final component to the Man Down system
is the Track Star Mapping and AVL solution
offered by TransCOR. A programmable
text message from the Grace Industries SC500
sent via the MX900 through the Sierra Wireless
modem over Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T networks
will inform key personnel that one of their
own is in need of immediate assistance keeping
them safer everyday.