rugged handhelds
Rugged Computers for Tough Workers

 rugged handhelds


Toughmate 20 Mobility Bundle


Part Number: TBC20MBBDL-P


Summary: Handle and shoulder strap for the TOUGHBOOK 20. Also fits the TOUGHPAD FZ-Q1 and TOUGHPAD FZ-A2.


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Toughmate 20 Always-On Case


Part Number: TBC20AOCS-P


Summary: Functional in tablet or laptop mode, this case improves ergonomics and increases productivity.


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Panasonic Toughbook rugged computers


Toughmate 20 ModuFlex


Part Number: TBC20MFX-P


Summary: This Toughmate ModuFlex design rethinks protection, integration and ergonomic usage


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 rugged tablets


Toughmate 20 Enhanced Rotating Hand Strap


Part Number: TBC20HDSTP-P


Summary: Improved ergonomics and productivity complete with shoulder strap for hands-free mobility.


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Panasonic Toughbook rugged computers


Toughmate Mobility Kit


Part Number: TBCH1SS-BLK-P


Summary: The shoulder strap attaches directly to the TOUGHBOOK 20's built-in handle for ergonomic mobility.


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