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Transcor Focus on Rugged Field Computing for Utilities

The Utility market is filled with unique challenges. TransCOR is here to assist Utilities personnel with navigating their challenging every day needs. TransCOR helps by consulting with IT and the line of business to find the best Rugged Products to enhance the experience for the end users. TransCOR's focus on Rugged Field Computing allows our customers to learn from industry experts on what other Utilities are using in the field. TransCOR provides Rugged Laptops, 2 in 1's, tablets and handhelds, along with vehicle mounts and accessories. When working with TransCOR for Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) mounts the focus will always be on safety and ergonomics. TransCOR partners with the most recognizable names in the world of Rugged Vehicle Mounts and in-vehicle electronics. 


TransCOR also assists Utility SCADA and Telecom professionals to find the best hardware for secure and stable wireless communications. TransCOR provides the best quality Rugged Wireless Gateways for use in-vehicle, SCADA, remote monitoring, AMI backhaul and Distributed Generation. Today TransCOR's Wireless Modems can work on several wireless platforms, public and private 4G LTE, CBRS and LPWA. TransCOR can also discuss the benefits and reality of 5G networks. Of course a Wireless modem does not perform without a quality antenna and proper mounting. TransCOR provides NEMA enclosures, modem mounting, hundreds of antenna options, along with custom cabling and connectors. 

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