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TransCOR Donates 100 Computers to First Robotics Program



51,000 Students Worldwide Participate in FIRST Robotics



Georgetown, MA – April 26, 2013 – Georgetown based TransCOR Information Technologies is doing its part to encourage the advancement of science and technology for the world's high school students. TransCOR recently donated 100 Panasonic Toughbook rugged computers to FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition in Science and Technology) – and the computers play an integral role in the data-arena for the FIRST championship, the international robotics competition founded by inventor Dean Kaman of Merrimack, NH. Students from all over the country are taking their robots on the road and converging in St. Louis, MO this weekend for the national FIRST Robotics competition.


51,000 students in grades 9-12 formed teams to participate in the international robotics competition, gaining real world engineering experience while fabricating a robot to compete in a field challenge that aligns ingenuity with sophisticated robotics technology.


The 2013 competition – The Ultimate Ascent – called for students to create robots that can master a game similar to Ultimate Frisbee, gaining points by moving Frisbee discs down the field and depositing or tossing the discs into goals with complicated angles and entries. Students and mentors study and calculate all of the elements involved in the game – and fabricate a robot to move as directed, with multiple tactile functions to grasp, catch and toss the Frisbee into the correct goal, and quickly move on to the next toss – all the while mastering a defense against the other team. 


TransCOR's rugged computer donations played a key role in the competition this year. The FIRST organization sponsors 50 regional face-offs prior to the finals, in St. Louis, MO. FIRST organizers distributed the donated Panasonic Toughbook computers to each regional set-up. Two of the computers at each regional were used at the competition's mission control center where they tracked shots, logged points, and accumulated data and scoring during each match. A third computer at each competition is housed in the "pit," and lets students access needed specs and technical assistance through the computers – enabling them to make strategic adjustments on the fly. All of the donated Toughbooks were in St. Louis running the backbone of the finals competition with more than 400 competing teams.


"We are delighted that our contribution of rugged mobile computers is having such an impact on the FIRST competition this year," said Tom Haywood, president of TransCOR Information Technologies. "We are very committed to promoting science and technology in the schools – and encouraging students to gain expertise in robotics, hardware and software development and wireless technologies. The FIRST organization is a great fit for our computers, since there is so much action on and near the fields during the competition – our computers keep things running smoothly by standing up to the rigors of these action packed events. We are looking forward to continuing our support in coming years, and know that we are making a difference in the lives of thousands of students."


An avid supporter of technology education, and firm believers in the re-utilization of viable equipment, TransCOR annually donates several hundred rugged wireless computers to non-profit and educational organizations.


The Panasonic Toughbooks are built from the ground up with rugged components and housing in order to withstand brutal treatment in the field. They are certified to military rugged standards – and can handle 6' drops, are water, shock, vibration, and dust resistant and operate in extreme temperatures, wild temperature fluctuations, and changing altitudes. A favorite of law enforcement, the military, government, and other organizations requiring mobile computers, Toughbooks outlast traditional professional computers by more than a factor of two, drastically reducing down time and complications in the field. 


TransCOR develops and integrates custom rugged mobile computer solutions for reliable data retrieval, communications and storage in extreme environments. The company evaluates specific mobile computing needs and develops mobile systems with the right software, accessories, service and expertise to build compelling solutions. Rugged computers optimized with embedded wireless systems, global mobile broadband, lightning-fast processors and huge storage capabilities generate the most sophisticated computing potential in the harshest environments. For more information, please contact TransCOR at 1-888-RUGGED 3, or via email at rugged@transcor-it.com. Visit TransCOR on the web at transcor-it.com



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