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Georgetown, MA (October 29, 2014) – TransCOR offers a new in-vehicle mobile computing solution from HAVIS that doesn't encroach upon the passenger area. The touch-control technology system is installed right into the dash of the police car, clearing the passenger side for an unencumbered cockpit and unobstructed airbag . The rugged computer and video sources are relocated out of the front passenger area and connected to the in-dash profile. Increased space provides police officers with a comfortable, safe and connected computing solution in their cockpit.


Havis and Ford co-developed the Integrated Control System to install in the dashboard location of the Ford Police Sedan and Utility vehicles. The Integrated Control System runs video, camera, radio, radar, lights and servers all on one embedded screen The system package includes the trim panel, touch screen display, A/V extender, Embedded processor and HVAC controls.


The sunlight-readable 12.1" LCD display is made of ultra-durable, chemically strengthened glass that can withstand impact without chipping. This pressure-sensitive touch screen display provides the use control of all functions and settings.. The screen allows for use with gloves and even WET gloves! The display receives its power and video from a single cable from an embedded processor. A one-touch mode button makes it easy to alternate between the two video displays



Video Display 1: Is driven by an embedded processor, with optional Wi-Fi for hot-spot connections. The embedded processor connects to Ford wiring and replaces the OEM AM/FM radio module. A sophisticated audio management system prioritizes the use of the vehicle's audio system so important communications are not missed.


Video Display 2: Is driven by the A/V Extender. The A/V extender allows for video input from a remote PC, laptop or tablet that connects to the touch screen display. There's also optional GPS for turn-by-turn navigation on the touch screen display.


Rear or trunk mounting of the mobile computing hardware increases cockpit space in the vehicle. Havis's rear mounts secure and organize the PC, laptop or tablet as well as other in-vehicle equipment. Havis also recommends installing ChargeGuard to prevent dead batteries. In the closed trunk mounting position, Havis recommended trunk mounts protect equipment and provide access to the majority of the trunk space for additional storage and transport


TransCOR and Havis offer three different recommended mounting packages:


The vehicle specific console- Standard low profile package with cup holders and armrest.


The counsel mountingand keyboard- Packages based off a vehicle specific console including a keyboard with mounting plate and tilt-swivel motion device.


The trunk mounting, Ford Police interceptor sedan: Premium fold down trunk tray or full-width trunk tray bearing.

Ford Police interceptor Utility: Universal storage box for utility vehicles or premium fold up equipment tray.


TransCOR is a certified Integrated Control System installer and proud to offer this cutting-edge on board technology. The in-dash Havis Integrated Control system allows for a customizable control system and creates a more efficient work environment.


For more information please contact TransCOR at:





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