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Sierra Wireless AirLink MG90

This high performance dual LTE-Advanced vehicle networking platform provides secure, always-on connectivity for mission critical applications specifically for public safety, transportation, and field services.


The MP90 dynamically selects the best available network, and effortlessly switches WAN connections to provide uninterrupted fleet communication in extreme and remote environments. Seamless integration with AirLink Mobility Manager enables a powerful end-to-end network that simplifies remote and real-time insight and control over mobile assets.

Sierra Wireless MG90 Technical Features

  • 300 Mbps downlink speed with 1.3 Gbps over dual radio
  • Hosts up to 128 clients at a time and supports up to 21 LTE frequency bands
  • Dual concurrent Gigabit Wi-Fi WAN and 5-port Gigabit Ethernet
  • Extensions to LMR and supported by 48 satellite systems over 4 constellations
  • Exceeds MIL-STD-810G specs and IP64 certification for protection in the harshest conditions
  • Built-in surge protection and an aluminum chassis for heat dissipation
  • Automatic radio configuration based on the SIM
  • Built-in vehicle ready I/O and Bluetooth for remote monitoring of auxiliary devices
  • Leading class power supply that exceeds E-Mark requirements that survive 5V brownouts and spikes
  • Selects best available network based on user-defined policies
  • Seamless network handover and sub-second network switching
  • Consolidated security with the AirLink Connection Manager (ACM)
  • Remote, real-time network insight and control with the AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM)
  • Purpose built for vehicles


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