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Installation Services

TransCOR works with customers to ensure success and satisfaction throughout the entire installation project.
  • Mounting gear is designed, reviewed, approved and signed-off by customers.

  • The first several vehicles installed constitute our "Golden Samples" where final placement of mounts, vehicle docking units, modems, antennas and printers are fine-tuned.

  • All equipment is thoroughly tested in the vehicle, e.g., signal strength tests of radio modems are tracked during the system test function.

  • If desired, training is provided to IS department and vehicle fleet personnel for ongoing support and management of the mobile system
  • Mounts and other materials are pre-assembled at our Massachusetts facility to increase installation efficiencies.

  • The highest quality parts are used throughout the installation process, e.g., hardened, aerospace quality Grade 8, 1/2" bolts and nuts with backing plates are used to secure pedestal mounts to vehicles via high torque impact tools.

  • Wires and wiring harnesses are covered with split loom to protect against snags and damage.

  • Ongoing tracking and reporting of progress on the installation ensures that project deliverables are completed on schedule.

  • Asset tracking of serial numbers of computer, printer and modems installed in each vehicle are provided to each customer.





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