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TransCOR Mobile Technology Tradeshow 2019


TransCOR's Mobile Technology Tradeshow, held Thursday, October 3 at the Marlborough Courtyard in Marlborough, MA, hosted a large variety of attendees from public safety, government agencies, utility companies and privately owned enterprises in need of mobile and rugged computing solutions for their workers.


TransCOR Partners Exhibit at Showcase

The 2019 TransCOR Mobile Technology Tradeshow was presented by Sierra Wireless with lunch sponsored by Gamber Johnson. With the largest participation of vendors to date, TransCOR brought in their long term partners as well as offered attendees an introduction to new vendor partners and services. The Mobile Tech show highlighted products and services from Sierra Wireless, Gamber Johnson, Panasonic TOUGHBOOKS, Panasonic ProServices, Havis Mounts, Verizon Wireless, TrackStar, NetMotion, Code, Boston Systems and Solutions, Panorama Antennas, hInt Mounts, HID Global, SOTI and Brother Printers.


Public Safety Grants Resources

Breakout sessions by the Panasonic Grants team and Sierra Wireless rounded out the mobile technology showcase. Panasonic representatives introduced Public Safety grant resources to agencies to learn about new avenues for technology funding and resources to help with grant writing. Panasonic collaborates with customers to refine the definition of their projects from a technical standpoint, and then introduces Grants Office, a Panasonic partner, to work with customers that have a financial roadblock to getting the new technology they need.


Technical Session on Modems, Routers and Gateways

Sierra Wireless Senior Field Engineer, John Blouin, led the afternoon session with an open-ended Q&A for customers to ask technical questions on their specific modems, routers and gateways. John's expertise encouraged in-depth discussions on wireless communications technology, and made it easier for customers to answer individual detailed questions, with the TransCOR team available for follow-up.


In-Vehicle Mounts

This year's event showcased public safety vehicle installations representing Panasonic and TransCOR's three partner mount manufacturers. TransCOR outfitted their 2016 Police Interceptor SUV's with Gamber Johnson mounting solutions for a TOUGHBOOK 33. Hint Mounts brought their brand new 2020 Police Interceptor SUV fully decked out with their mounting equipment and Havis Mounts brought their 2016 Police Interceptor SUV configured with various mounting solutions. TransCOR's three mount partners exhibiting onsite showed customers the distinctions and similarities between setups. Seeing them in person helps customers determine which mounting solutions would best benefit their teams.


TransCOR Installation Services Highlighted

TransCOR also brought in one of their Mobile Installation vans to showcase TransCOR's preparedness for off site installations. TransCOR's reliable and highly trained installation team travels to customers to make it easier for departments to swap out vehicles while on duty. This ensures that TransCOR's installations do not interrupt customer public safety responsiveness or customer service calls on any given day. TransCOR also offers a fully-equipped warehouse garage for installations at a customer's convenience.


TransCOR Mobile Technology Trade Show 2020

With the strong and successful turn out from our event, TransCOR is happy to announce that the bi-annual TransCOR Mobile Tradeshow will return in the Fall of 2021. Thank you to all those who attended this year's showcase.






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