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NetMotion Wireless

NetMotion Solution Overview:


NetMotion maintains and optimizes application performance through challenging network conditions: no coverage zones, isolated dead spots, areas of marginal signal strength, or when workers roam between networks.


Administrators gain a comprehensive view of performance throughout the entire mobile environment, including mobile data networks and public Wi-Fi networks that IT does not own or control.



Drawing on awareness of the connections, devices and applications in use, policies enforce security and customize the user experience to maintain worker productivity.

Diagnostics: Pushbutton diagnostics troubleshoot application delivery problems from end-to-end, speeding time to resolution and keeping workers productive.


Smarter Connections for all Devices with Mobility and Diagnostics.

NetMotion Wireless Overview:
NetMotion Wireless is a leading provider of next generation mobile security and mobile network performance management solutions. The company's products address the unique challenges created by mobile workforces by providing the security, visibility, diagnostics and control that IT departments demand, while minimizing the connectivity challenges faced in the field, so mobile workers can be more productive. Thousands of enterprises around the world are using NetMotion products to keep millions of mobile workers connected to applications.

NetMotion Mobility Overview
NetMotion Mobility is a software-only, client-server solution that provides secure, manageable and reliable connectivity for mobile workforces. Unlike traditional VPN products, Mobility provides an unmatched level of performance, optimizations, security, along with flexibility in control and management that has made it a trusted solution for over a million users worldwide.

NetMotion Diagnostics Overview
NetMotion Diagnostics gives you the tools you need to pinpoint connectivity issues quickly and accurately to keep your mobile users productive. With the push of a button, instantly analyze every data hop between devices and application servers to identify the root cause of the problem. It is the world's only self-diagnosing connectivity solution and can be integrated with NetMotion Mobility or used with any other VPN solution.

NetMotion Wireless Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software gives organizations with mobile workforces the connectivity, visibility and control needed to solve the common challenges of wireless computing.


NetMotion customers get the most out of their mobile investments:   

  • 1.1   million productive work hours recouped in less than a year

  • 30 IT helpdesk support calls per day eliminated

  • 30% increase in daily field worker productivity

  • 43% reduction in operational expenses

NetMotion Mobility software serves as the central control point of your mobile deployments, allowing you to secure, manage and optimize  connectivity to your critical applications.

Locality is the NetMotion cellular network performance management product that gives organizations the insight and visibility needed to optimize their mobile data deployments.