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One mount doesn't fit all applications, computers or vehicles. That's why TransCOR both fabricates and uses leading manufacturers' vehicle mounting systems to creatively solve the many challenges in mounting computers in vehicles. Some configurations are completely custom solutions.

Whether a service van, utility truck, police cruiser, fire engine, airplane or ship, TransCOR pursues excellence in accommodating clients' requirements while maintaining the highest safety standards and airbag compliance.

We see almost infinite possibilities in how a vehicle mounting system can be designed and implemented. Given the variety of different vehicles and different applications for which our mounting systems are deployed, listening to the customer is paramount. There are usually several alternatives that can be considered. Just some of the considerations we look at include:


Our first requirement is to protect the driver from injury due to a swinging armature or inadequately secured device. This means that all of our mounts must have a method for securing components; accordingly, the user is also responsible for ensuring that all components are secure prior to driving the vehicle. Similarly, airbag compliance demands that the computer mount to be secured in a position while driving that is out of the airbag deployment zone; for safety's sake, this sometimes requires some compromise in positioning the mount. Floor-based Pedestal Mounts are among the safest because they are usually secured through the vehicle floor with back plates, bars or heavy-duty fender washers using aviation Grade 8 bolts and nuts. This type of installation will allow you to pick up the vehicle by the mounting system.

We strongly recommend the use of NHTSA approved passenger side Air Bag On-Off Switches when no passenger is riding in the vehicle. The passenger side airbag should be turned off when there is no passenger. If there is a passenger, the airbag should be activated. From a conservative position, we believe that all public safety vehicles should have a passenger side airbag switch because of the various types of gear that can become projectiles in the event of a collision. Consider the miscellaneous equipment inside of vehicles including cell phones, microphones, radar, GPS repeaters and video cameras. In addition, a computer mount may be initially installed out of the airbag deployment zone, but can be readjusted by the user to go back inside the airbag zone.


Passenger side airbag deployment has a great deal of variability; 1/3 of airbags deploy up and break the windshield -- certainly creating a hazardous condition considering how many video and radar units are installed on the dash of law enforcement vehicles. The best way to avoid a projectile being hurled by a passenger side airbag is to install and use an airbag on-off switch.

Easy access to the engine cover or "dog house" in service vans is somewhat dependent on where a floor-based mount is positioned. The further forward the mount is positioned, the more problematic is the access issue. However, one approach to solving this is with a Quick Release Base to accommodate opening the engine cowl when a Pedestal Mount is used. When using a File Cabinet/ Utility Box Mount, four bolts can be easily removed to gain access to the engine. Mounts that are located away from the cowl do not usually present any engine access challenges.


"On the Fly" - the best mount systems that we work with allow the user to adjust the computer in various planes, as needed. We believe the most critical real-time adjustment of the computer is via a Tilt/Swivel mechanism. Our preferred Tilt/Swivel also has a slide mechanism. Other adjustments such as for computer height and proximity to the user may be accommodated via Adjustable Swing Arm or Slide mechanisms. Height adjustments are infrequent; they are nice to have, but usually they're set once and don't normally require "On the Fly" adjustments. Typically, the more economical mounting systems have less real-time "On the Fly" adjustment capabilities.


The name of the game is to provide deterrents to theft; there is little that can stop a determined thief. All the Vehicle Cradles and Vehicle Docking Systems that TransCOR supplies have key-locking mechanism options to secure the computer. TransCOR has also added key-locking systems to Quick Release Base mounts as well.



File Cabinet/Utility Box Mount

Positioned between the driver's and passenger's bucket seats, it is currently our most popular mounting system with users. The system is appropriate for full-size Chevy, Ford, Dodge and GMC service vans but may not fit in smaller minivans such as the Voyager. The features of this very sturdy system include a filing and lockable storage area, a clipboard writing service and areas to mount the mobile computer, radio modem and other electronics. A variety of Vehicle Cradle/Docking Units, Tilt/Swivels and Adjustable Swing Arm extensions can be accommodated with this mount.
Pedestal Mounts

A wide variety of pedestal mounts are available through TransCOR. Ranging from the super-sturdy gusseted DS-52 to Erector-Set style stanchions that can be custom fit to rotate 270º. The pedestal mount is the most rugged solution for many service vans and large trucks.

Hump Mounts

Hump mounts are often used in Sports Utility Vehicles, mini-vans and sedans, including police cruisers. As their name suggests, they hug the transmission hump and provide a firm location to mount computers and peripherals.
Console Mount Systems
These are often installed on top of a Hump Mount and are typically used in police cruisers. These "Command Centers" often cluster together the computer, radio modem, voice radios, siren and light controls.
Seatbelt Mount
Our custom seatbelt mount tucks under the back of a seat and is secured by the vehicle's seat belt. At first, we often used the Seatbelt Mount in sedans for supervisors who wanted to be able to remove the computer and mount and store it in the car trunk when not in use. We've now fashioned an adjustable Extended Seatbelt Mount that is actually used in very large trucks with bench seats; this new design provides a table and work surface for the computer user.
Peripheral Mounts

Our Printer Mount, Keyboard Mount and CD-ROM Rack are designed for specific devices being used in the vehicle. And, if our customers need a special application mount and we can't find it, we'll build it!