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Panasonic Toughbook Arbitrator 360° HD


The Complete In-Car Video Capture and Retrieval System


The new Arbitrator 360° HD rugged in-car digital video recording system leads the industry in image quality for unmatched critical mobile video evidence capture. Its full-HD 1080p front camera delivers amazing clarity and ultra-accurate color representation.


Capturing a 65° field of view with enhanced low-light zooming. Up to 4 additional cameras covering the sides and rear record in 720p HD with 150º horizontal and 93° vertical fields of view to maximize situational awareness.


Built on the foundation of Panasonic's industry leading i-Pro surveillance cameras, the Arbitrator 360° HD delivers the trusted mobile digital evidence that first responders improved officer safety.


This rugged HD in-car digital video recording system from Panasonic was engineered to excelin the demanding environments law enforcement personnel face every day. A revolution in video capture, the Toughbook Arbitrator 360º HD combines state-of-the-art digital recording and data-compression to achieve the world's most advanced incident documentation system.

Secure in a shock-resistant and coated cast-magnesium case, Toughbook Arbitrator HD offers unrivaled 360° video capture and is designed with back end software for seamless video transfer, archiving and retrieving. Its digital cameras and microphones are controllable locally or via in-car laptop. The up to 360X zoom camera offers built-in infrared and low-light capability. And its wireless mic transmits high quality audio up to 1 mile from the receiver.

Toughbook Arbitrator 360° HD Performance Features

  • Fully integrated all digital solid-state video system for video capture, storage, transfer and video management
  • MIL-STD-810F tested for ruggedness
  • Digital cameras and microphones controllable locally or via in-car laptop
  • Ruggedized up to 360X zoom camera with built-in  low-light capability
  • Wireless mic transmits high quality audio up to 1 mile from the receiver
  • Supports up to two 512GB solid state hard drives
  • Proprietary tamper-resistant technology for maximum evidence integrity
  • Programmable automatic eight-way system-on trigger interface
  • Captured Video and Audio Data is searchable by Time, Date, Office, Vehicle, Incident, Trigger, Event, Bookmarks (officer notes), and Extensive Captured Meta Data
  • Open-system software ensures maximum compatibility and stability
  • The system works in either a standalone capacity or interfaced with Toughbook notebook PCs